Case Studies

Case Studies

Case studies are an opportunity to study marine diseases and pests in more detail. The case studies synthesise known research, using data from Australia and around the world, onto one page. They also highlight areas where not enough data is available to provide conclusive information, also called ‘research gaps’. The scientists and partners of AMBD use this data to also provide information on the risks associated with disease and pest occurrence and outbreaks. Case studies are to be used for educational purposes and are not necessarily making recommendations for management or policy.


As the AMBD grows, we will be adding more and more case studies for diseases and pests that are of interest or priority for research, industry and government.

Seagrass Wasting Disease

Disease Ecology Of Labyrinthula Sp.

Black Band Disease

Pathogenic microbial communities affecting coral

White Spot Disease

Whispovirus infecting prawns

Northern Pacific Seastar

Asterias amurensis