The Australian Marine Biosecurity Database, or ‘AMBD’, is a web-based, user- friendly platform that will centralise research and information about Australian marine pathogens and pests.


With this knowledge, AMPD aims to foster new collaborations and partnerships with a broad range stakeholders to ultimately assist in the prevention of and the increase in response times to disease and pest outbreaks.​

What’s involved

Our Data

All the data used to create the AMBD is boiled down from peer-reviewed scientific and grey literature and presented in one place. Through the support of our sponsors and partners, we also provide case studies on specific diseases, pathogens and pests that synthesise all the data available and identify potential research challenges and areas of future study.


Our Users

The AMBD is open-sourced and can support a wide-range of users from citizen scientists and educators to researchers and industry. The AMBD is not meant to be a bisecurity reporting mechanism. If you suspect an outbreak has occurred we have provided links to national and state contacts for reporting.